January 25, 2011

Shaylee and Daniel's first Triathalon

Shaylee really wanted to do this mini youth triathalon so Daniel told her he would do it with her. She is not a very good swimmer yet so the swimming was tough. She only had to swim 25 yards but she had never swam across the whole length of the pool. She thought she was going to die and even wanted to cheat and hold onto Daniel's arm. She pulled through and accomplished the swim. Next she took off on her bike and did really well on the bike and run. They had to bike a mile and then run a half mile. We were so proud of her. Her dad was pretty proud of himself too and was telling people that he did a triathalon, didn't mention that it was a youth one!! WE all had to give him a hard time but he was sure great with Shaylee and cheered her a long.Go Shaylee! and Daniel!!


DaNelle said...

That's so cute! I love it, good job Shaylee, oh and Daniel too.

Strider and Jana said...

How fun! That is so neat that they did that together. Hope you guys are doing well.

Melissa Bosen said...

Way to get her started young! My first race was when I was 8 and I'm so glad that my mom & dad started that tradition for us.

Travis and Marie said...

Kerri, That is so cute! What a good little athlete you are training.

Michelle said...

kerri! you need to update your blog!! haha

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